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    Throughout your LividaCraft Faction Realm adventures, you may come across some non-vanilla Enchantments on tools, weapons, and gear.

    Discovering New Enchantments

    New enchantments can be discovered by crystals what you can get from the Warzone chests or from /crystals

    Enchantment Guide

    Helmet Enchantments

    Aquatic - Max Level: 1

    Aquatic Gives permanent water breathing.

    Glowing - Max Level: 1
    Glowing Gives permanent night vision.

    Armour Enchantments

    Trickster - Max Level: 8
    Trickster has a chance when you get hit to teleport directly behind your opponent and take them by surprise.

    Voodoo - Max Level: 6
    Voodoo has a chance to deal weakness to your attacker.

    Obsidian Shield - Max Level: 1
    Obsidian Shield gives permanent fire resistance.

    Overload - Max Level: 3
    Overload gives permanent increase hearts.

    DeathBringer - Max Level: 3
    DeathBringer has a chance to deal double damage.

    Enlightened - Max Level: 3
    Enlightened has a chance to heal hearts while taking damage.

    Leggings Enchantments done

    Implants - Max Level: 3
    Implants Passively heals +1 health and restores +1 hunger every few seconds

    Boot Enchantments

    Springs - Max Level: 3

    Springs Gives permanent Jump Boost.

    Gears - Max Level: 3
    Gears Gives permanent Speed Boost.

    Swords Enchantments

    Headless - Max Level: 3

    Headless has a chance for players to drop their head when they die.

    Confusion - Max Level: 3
    Confusion has a chance to deal nausea to your victim.

    Molten - Max Level: 4
    Molten has a chance to setting your attacker on ablaze.

    Venom - Max Level: 3
    Venom has a chance of dealing poison to your target.

    Blind - Max Level: 3
    Blind has a chance of dealing blindness to your target.

    SkillSwipe - Max Level: 5
    SkillSwipe has a chance of stealing some of your enemy's EXP every time you damage them.

    Vampire - Max Level: 3
    Vampire has a chance to heal you up to 3hp a few seconds after you strike.

    Inquisitive - Max Level: 4
    Inquisitive increases EXP drops from mobs.

    Disarmor - Max Level: 8
    Disarm has a chance to of removing a item in their hand away.

    Rage - Max Level: 5
    Rage has a chance to double your attack damage by 1% every time you keep the combo going.

    Bow Enchantments

    Healing - Max Level: 3

    Healing can heal friendly players when you hit them with a arrow shot.

    Snare - Max Level: 4
    Snare has a chance to slow and fatigue enemies with projectiles when they are shot.

    Piercing - Max Level: 5
    Piercing has a chance to inflict more damage to your target.

    Pickaxe Enchantments

    AutoSmelt - Max Level: 3

    AutoSmelt has a chance to automatically smelt ores when being mined.

    Obsidian Destroyer - Max Level: 5
    Obsidian Destroyer has a chance to instantly break obsidian blocks

    Detonate - Max Level: 9
    Detonate has a chance to explode blocks around you when you mine.
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