Hey guys!

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    Hello guys!
    My minecraft name is domm96 but my irl name is Reeve, feel free to call me whatever
    you want. :D
    I am a Helper on the server LividaCraft (LividaCraftNetwork.mcph.co) and I am
    very hopeful to become a werewolf on the server, very hard I might add.
    I reckon my favourite band is daft punk but my favourite song is probably beachwalk by
    I am a 14 year old boy 15 in october and I am looking forward to working on your server
    If I ever end up becoming a werewolf in game, feel free to message me if you want to become a
    werewolf, as I will be happy to turn you into one. (Check my profile to see if I made a message about
    becoming a werewolf because I probably will.)​

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