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    Becoming a Helper

    Before applying, take the time to read this entire post, as it will help you further down the line. As a Helper, your primary responsibility will be to make sure the server is friendly, safe, and enjoyable for all players. Helper is an evaluation phase that will help the administration team better determine if you're suitable to move on as a moderator. Being staff is not for everyone, so make sure you meet the requirements listed below.



    You must be at least 14 years of age. An exception can be made on a player to player bases if you demonstrate exceptional leadership skills and have submitted a stellar application. Lying about your age will result in the immediate disqualification of your application.
    You must have Discord and a working microphone. Interviews will be conducted over Discord. The primary method of communication among staff members is over Discord.
    You must be reasonably mature and willing to work with others.
    You need to be able to dedicate a reasonable amount of time to the server that is flexible with your schedule. A preferred 30 minutes to an hour a day would be ideal.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: I applied, when will I hear back?

    A: If your application was successful, you will be contacted on Discord by either Toxic_Wolfy or DAN6EROUS. If your application was unsuccessful, you will unfortunately not get a response. We aim to read applications every 3-5 days.

    Q: Can I ask staff how my application is going?

    A: Absolutely not. In fact, the staff will not know how your application is going. The only people with knowledge of your application would be a member of the administration team which is Toxic_Wolfy. Asking staff members about your application will more than likely result in its declination.

    Q: How long are applications open for?

    A: Applications are open for as long as we see fit. With LividaCraftNetwork being a new server, applications will more than likely be open for quite some time until we reach a comfortable level of staff.

    Q: My application got denied, can I reapply?

    A: Absolutely! Please wait a minimum of two weeks before you reapply. If you reapply less than two weeks your application will be deleted and you will have to wait another two weeks.

    Q: I got accepted, now what?

    A: Congratulations, you passed half of the application process. Once you've been contacted via Discord by either Toxic_Wolfy or DAN6EROUS, the rest is up to you. What's next is now so good luck on your Helper trial!

    Although luck won't help, good luck anyways!​
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