Important [OFFICIAL] LividaCraft Factions Rules

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    Offence: Auto Cannoning

    Punishment: Permanent Ban
    Auto Cannoning is a bannable offense. It undermines the spirit of the game and player interaction/involvement.

    Offence: Spawners can't be water protected and you are NOT permitted to obby encase them.

    Punishment: Permanent Ban
    Spawners are not permitted to be water protected, period.

    You may NOT:
    1. Encase your spawners in water protected blocks (obsidian or the like)
    2. Do not encase tightly spawners in obsidian or any other uncreeper eggable block.
    3. Try to find another means to encase your spawners in an attempt to undermine this rule or the spirit of this rule.

    You may:

    4. Water protect your grinder room (regardless of the block construction)
    Attempts to undermine this rule could result in your removal from the server (consider this fair warning!)

    Offence: Crusher style derps/traps

    First Punishment: Temporary Ban - 10 days
    Second Punishment: Temporary Ban - 25 days
    Third Punishment: Temporary Ban - 30 days


    You are not permitted to create/use crusher-style derps. Players who are trapped must be given a 2 block high by 1 block wide area in which they can move and defend themselves unobstructed. This includes, drowning, suffocation, anvils, glass, gates, fences, slabs, etc.

    You're permitted to trap a player with blocks OVER their head, moving a player in to a confined 2 tall by 1 wide hole etc.

    Offence: TP/TPA Killing, Portal Trapping, and Traps

    First Punishment: Temporary Ban - 5 days
    Second Punishment: Temporary Ban - 12 days
    Third Punishment: Temporary Ban - 28 days


    TP/TPA Killing and Traps that remove a players ability to /spawn or /home will be a temp bannable offence. Examples of bannable traps are those that would render the player completely unable to play (ie: If the trapper were to log off the player would be stuck there indefinitely).​
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