Greetings Guardians!

With the new additions to the server this is a perfect to fully introduce myself and explain my role within the server to everybody, and give you some insight on the upcoming updates that will be occurring in the foreseeable future!

I am the new Community Manager of Livida, implying that I will be responsible for keeping the staff on schedule, delivering updates to keep everybody informed and overall manage the staff team in conjunction with Dan6erous. With a reshuffle within the staff team we hope that we can iron out any problems and that you do not hold back on contacting us when things have gone wrongly.

Rule Changes

We will be changing a number of rules in the foreseeable future after the first major staff meeting, this will involve discussions on some more controversial ideals within factions, for instance raiding people through gaining trust, rather than actual war. These issues should be addressed by the end of next week.

The format for rules will change, so that they are punctual and to the point, and punishments will be at the bottom, rather than incremental for each rule that appears. This should make it easier to read and simpler to understand for anyone that wishes to play within the rules.

Scheduled Updates

Update schedules to let you know what we are working on will now also be a bi-weekly thing, every two weeks we will not only go over what has happened on the server, but we will also go over the minutes to bring attention to new plugins that have been implemented and any bug fixes that we find to make sure that you know we are...​
Greetings Guardians!

In the Seraph Realm we've found some Ancient powers of the darkness and our greatest enemies what have just awaken. Through the use of altars and blood sucking vampires in other dimensions have gained a stronger connection to other Realms. It spreads like a virus through out other Realms and corrupts other Guardians. The only way to be cured from this Dark Virus is by making a Altar of Light or Holy Water.

Altar of Darkness

This is a example to how to make a Alter of Darkness.

A Gold Block with these blocks within a 10 block radius:

30 Obsidian
5 Web
5 Dead Bush
2 Diamond Block​

The Alter of Darkness can be used to make yourself or anyone into a Vampire. (You'll not turn instantly)
You'll need these items in your inventory
1 Mushroom Soup,10 Bone, 10 Gunpowder, 10 Redstone

Altar of Light

This is a example to how to make a Alter of Light.

A Lapis Lazuli Block with these blocks within a 10 block radius:

30 Glowstone
5 Yellow Flower
5 Red Rose
2 Diamond Block

The Alter of Light is used to remove the Darkness in your soul for free.

To create Holy Water you need these items: 1 Water Bottle, 1 Lapis Lazuli Dye but only none Vampires can use Holy Water.

The Sun for...
Greetings Guardians!

We've landed on a Realm Called Seraph. No one knows what creatures are here but one thing for sure there's a war going on so we need to stop the war and protect the realm. There will be some corrupted Guardians who will try and kill you and will follow the dark path. Team up with other Guardians to protect the Realm or conquer the Realm.


So what do we offer on this server?
Well unlike some servers we strive to be none pay to win server. Yes we do sell ranks with some perks and kits but we're trying to make the ranks very fair for you guys to have a lot of fun on the server.

There's a lot of very unique things on this server. A lot of custom mobs and enchantments. We also give members 4 /sethome's and /enderchest. The Staff community is very nice here and will be very helpful if you need anything. :D

So in this first Season of LividaCraft there will be a Faction Top prizes also Top Voters of the month. Faction Top will be announced every end of the seasons and will get their prizes. For Vote Top every end of the month 3 people will get their prizes. So here's the prizes for Faction Top and Vote Top.​