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Greetings Guardians
It's Finally Friday! it's time to announce some cool new updates for you guys!
Every few Fridays we'll announce all of the new changes of the server.

Member+ Rank
A little new rank with a few new perks and kits! The Member+ Rank is a perfect addition to raiding and a bit of PVP.

Member+ Kit:
Full Iron Armour [Prot II, Unbreaking II]
. Iron Sword [Sharpness III]
. Bow [Power I]
. Diamond Pickaxe [Eff II]
. Fishing Rod [Knockback I]
. 10x Golden Apples
. 2x Enderpearls
. 14x Obsidian
. 16x TNT
. 2x Splash Potion Of Healing II
. 1x Splash Potion Of Healing III
. 1x Fused Potion

Member+ Commands:

/smite (1 M
inute Cooldown)
More to come very soon!

Faction Warp Changes
A few new changes to /f setwarp <name> and /f warp! setting warps you need $5,000 to create one, You can now set 9 warps instead of 5!
F Warp.png

A brand new way for new players to get started! Envoys is where every 2 hours a Cargo Plane shows up and drops down 10-30 Supply crates in Warzone around spawn. There's a bunch of amazing loot to get from these supply crates!
envoy firework.png

The supply crates sends out a...​