Hey guys I know we had a reset in October the 7th but there has been a combat bug where every time you get hit by something your hearts disappears and you can't ever die the only way to fix this is reset the whole World since it's the world what's making this happen for some odd reason. The reset will be on the 25th of December. I'm very sorry <3.

How ever in this reset there'll be tons of bug fixed plus a brand new Warzone and other things.

Me and other staff members have decided to reset the ban list on the 25th of December and give all players who got banned another chance to have fun on the LividaCraftNetwork Server.

Now onto the Factions Top 3 winners.​
  • 1st Place: Livida / Owner: DAN6EROUS 20,000 Tokens to the Faction Leader + [TopFaction] Tag to each faction member.​
  • 2nd Place: NightGanq / Owner: Sodiac 10,000 Tokens to the Faction Leader​
  • 3rd Place: Nomads / Owner: MrMather 5,000 Tokens o the Faction Leader​

I hope you guys enjoyed this season and the updates!
Sorry it couldn't be 6 months for the reset <3
Hey guys I bring this new update to you! :D

wild decrease.png

I've decreased /wild since it was very long. I decreased it to 2mins

This idea was suggested by @Palker635

The LividaCraft Scientists have found a way to increase home slots but you can only use the orb once. You get the Home Increase by finding a Legendary Key then unlock it by the Legendary Crate or in the Warzone Chests.

The LividaCraft Scientists has increased the fly orbs to 20 mins in /vote and you can get 40mins in warzone crates.

This took a lot of time to set but yes it's still in beta so any bugs please report them <3 i'll try to fix them.
When you hit a player you'll see a combat scoreboard on the right side. You can trigger it by hitting players.

We've added duels where you can 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 fair there's only 2 duel arenas. You can do /duel fight <player> then choose a kit. There's also /duelbot where you can fight bots. Bots are kinda glitchy but soon they won't be <3


There will be more arenas soon!

I've finally fixed up /bounty and made it look way more better than it used to be.
Hey guys this is the brand new update for this season!

Brand new player vaults System!
I've added more player slots since people got annoyed when you only have 1 player slot
You can get more player vault slots by buying a rank from the store!
(Might be adding more player vaults where you can unlock them)


I've added /deathpoint and removed /back for all ranks since I think it's very unfair for players.
you can only use /deathpoint when you've died.
Only donator ranks can use /deathpoint

I've added /reclaim and items inside it as well.
/reclaim is only used for items from your ranks and a 1 time use
but in the next season /reclaim can be used again.

I've added /fly to Titan and up so they won't need the Orb of flight to fly around!

The LividaCraft Scientists have found a way to make Orb of Flight where you can fly in your faction claim for a certain time. You can get a Orb of Flight by voting on all links for every 4 votes!
(It's only in beta for now)

Withdraw Mcmmo.png
You can now withdraw McMMO by doing /withdrawmcmmo <skill> <level>
When you withdraw one of your skill levels you can give it to someone else or keep it.
This idea was suggested by @Void

Lucky Blocks.png
I've added Lucky Blocks to SlimeFun.
Important Staff Applications
Hey everyone! I'm just here to quickly say that if you're going to apply for staff, please be sure that you're already in our Discord. If you do not have the discord link, click https://discord.gg/AUWSETT!

Map Version: Factions (Map 3)
Minecraft Version: 1.8
The server now supports 1.7 to 1.12.2 but the gameplay is based on 1.8

Not much has been added or removed but the staff team felt like the server was getting too boring for you guys so we've reseted the server!

Reset Changelog:
  • Fixed random ruins spawning a lot of worlds (removed from End, Moon, Mars and Pluto)
  • Added few new mobs. Explosive Spiders, Climbing Creepers (spawns in the main world) FireBats what shoots fireballs at you (Spawns in the nether) 3 new mobs drops keys. Tier 1 with chainmail boots drops vote keys, Tier 2 with iron boots drops Rare keys and Tier 3 with gold boots drops Legendary Keys!
  • Added Wild Werewolves!
  • Added where you're allowed to use Printer (Only for Factions)
Factions Top Prizes for this season
  • 1st place:
    • 20,000 Tokens towards the faction owner and a faction tag for all members
  • 2nd place:
    • 10,000 Tokens towards the faction owner
  • 3rd place:
    • 5,000 Tokens towards the faction owner