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    Map Version: Factions (Map 3)
    Minecraft Version: 1.8
    The server now supports 1.7 to 1.12.2 but the gameplay is based on 1.8

    Not much has been added or removed but the staff team felt like the server was getting too boring for you guys so we've reseted the server!

    Reset Changelog:
    • Fixed random ruins spawning a lot of worlds (removed from End, Moon, Mars and Pluto)
    • Added few new mobs. Explosive Spiders, Climbing Creepers (spawns in the main world) FireBats what shoots fireballs at you (Spawns in the nether) 3 new mobs drops keys. Tier 1 with chainmail boots drops vote keys, Tier 2 with iron boots drops Rare keys and Tier 3 with gold boots drops Legendary Keys!
    • Added Wild Werewolves!
    • Added where you're allowed to use Printer (Only for Factions)
    Factions Top Prizes for this season
    • 1st place:
      • 20,000 Tokens towards the faction owner and a faction tag for all members
    • 2nd place:
      • 10,000 Tokens towards the faction owner
    • 3rd place:
      • 5,000 Tokens towards the faction owner
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    Hype! I’m sad that I’m getting my new computer Mon, so I’ll miss out on first dibs for stuff .
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