Update Factions Full Release! + Ban List Reset

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    Greetings Guardians!

    The Reset is finally here! no more bugs (As I know of)

    This is the full Release of LividaCraft Factions!


    Some things have changed in this reset like no more planets, PvP arena ect. That's because I'm making the server as a theme what I had planned out for awhile now.

    What's new in this Reset/Full Release?
    Well I've added /crafttnt where you can craft tnt with gunpowder but it costs $500 each to make.
    Added /showcase so you can now showcase your items without doing [item] only Donors-God can do this command but be warned once you place your item in showcase and try to take it out it'll break/destroy it.
    Brand new Mystery Mob Spawner has been added in /shop in the Spawners area. You can get a random mob spawner from this Mystery Mob Spawner!
    Revamped the shop prices.
    Made /fly to safely drop you out of the sky when you log out in mid air.
    New rules for factions! click here

    What you'll keep in this reset?
    Ranks and yes you'll keep the ranks you got from crates and rankquests.

    What will be lost in this reset?
    Cash Balance
    Bases/Land ect

    Factions Top Prizes for this season
    • 1st place:
      • £100 buycraft voucher towards the faction owner and a faction tag for all members
    • 2nd place:
      • £80 buycraft voucher towards the faction owner
    • 3rd place:
      • £50 buycraft voucher towards the faction owner

    Ban List Reset
    We've reset all bans/warns/mutes since it's Christmas and all the staff members felt nice to clear every ones bans/warns ect so I hope you guys enjoy and have a merry Christmas!

    WHO WILL WIN MAP 1!?!?!
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