Update TNT-Fill! Custom TNT! New GUI Kit System!

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    A brand new Livida Perk! TNT-Fill can fill your TNT inside the dispensers by doing /tntfill (amount)
    You can also check where are dispensers are by doing /tntfill count

    A Brand New GUI.png
    We've made a new Kit GUI System for you guys! It looks way more better than the old GUI Kit
    Hope you guys enjoy the new GUI

    Custom TNT.png
    The LividaCraft Scientists have made brand new TNT. You can look at the TNT recipes
    by doing /tnt or /customtnt. There's 7 new custom tnts what have been made thx to the LividaCraft Scientists!

    Nova TNT.png

    Nova TNT will implode when ignited and then explode. When it explodes all players/animals and blocks will be sucked into the center!

    Smoke Bomb TNT.png

    When the Smoke Bomb is ignited all the players around it will be effected with blindness and nausea!

    Mining Bomb TNT.png

    When the Mining TNT is ignited it will make a hole in the ground and will drop all ores on the ground!

    Time Bomb TNT.png

    When the Time Bomb TNT is ignited it can explode after a certain amount of time!

    Chemical TNT.png [​IMG]

    When the Chemical TNT is ignited it can give nausea and instant damage 3 when players are around the TNT!
    it can kill all flowers and grass around it.


    When the Napalm TNT is ignited it will shoot firebomb around the area and can make a huge fire explosion!

    Nuke TNT.png

    When the Nuke TNT is ignited it will make a massive hole in the ground and will kill anyone in it!
    It is the most powerful TNT what the LividaCraft Scientists have ever created in the LividaCraft Realm!

    (Beware the TNT can make the server lag so if you abuse the Nuke it will be removed ASAP!)
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    I have two nukes, currently going for 3... Other factions beware.
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