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    Hi Every One DAN6EROUS Here One Question That's Always On Every One's Mind Is
    Am I Allowed To Use This Mod?
    Well Fear No More I'm Here To Help While This May Not Completely Answer Your Question It Can
    General Guidelines
    What Is Allowed
    A key rule to remember when choosing modifications is that any modification which provides a significant in-game advantage to players is disallowed. Modifications which alter the way that your client sends data to the server are also strictly disallowed, even if they fall into an allowed category. All use of modifications is done at your own risk.

    • Categories of Allowed Modifications
    • Client performance improvement modifications (e.g. FPS improvement mods).
    • Aesthetic modifications (e.g. shaders modifications).
    • Armor and Effect Status hud modifications.
    • Brightness and gamma adjustment modifications.
    • Minimap modifications, provided they do not show additional data such as players, entities or underground cave systems.
    • 5zig
    • Optifine
    • Printer (Only on Factions)
    Any other categories of modifications should be treated as disallowed.

    Denied Mods
    The Below Are A Mod(S) NOT Allowed
    • Any hacked client (Huzini, Wurst, etc.)
    • Scripts/Macros
    • Tracers/Player ESP/Chest ESP
    • Inventory Tweaks
    • NoFall (prevents taking fall damage)
    • Any X-ray clients, mods, or resource packs
    • "Derp" hacks (moves head rapidly, allows head to go inside of the body)
    • Player entities on minimaps
    • AutoFeed
    • AutoFishing
    • AutoArmor (automatically equips armor when broken or placed in inventory)
    • AutoReconnect
    • FastPlace
    • BetterPVP
    • AutoTool
    • Macros (Mouse/Client)
    • Autoclickers
    • Zyin's HUD
    • HoloInventory
    • Any sort of Anti-AFK mod
    • Spam messenger
    • Cheat engine
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