Update Werewolves has arrived! 400+ Brand new Items!

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    This Update has been taking some time to make and now it's here!


    400+ Brand new items have been added to the LividaCraft Realm
    You can look at the new items by doing /book. The only way for you to get the items is by unlocking them with XP.

    Categories in the Guide Book:​
    • Weapons​
    • Portable Utilities​
    • Food​
    • Machines - Tier I​
    • Lumps and Magic​
    • Magical Armor​
    • Magical Gadgets​
    • Technical Components​
    • Usable Items​
    • Miscellaneous​
    • Armor​
    • Resources and Alloys​
    • Machines - Tier II (You need to finish Machines - Tier I first for this to be unlocked)
    • Technical Gadgets​
    • Tools​
    • Talismans - Tier I​
    • Talismans - Tier II (You need to finish Talismans - Tier I for this to be unlocked)
    • Exotic Garden - Plants and Fruits​
    • Exotic Garden - Drinks​
    • Exotic Garden - Food​
    • Exotic Garden - Magical Plants​
    • Soul Jars


    Werewolves have been traveling for centuries and now they have reached our Realm!
    There are 3 different types of werewolves as you see in the screenshot. They have different abilities for each pack. Full moons happen every 8 days. When a full moon happens you can't control your shifts/transformation. Every full moon will give you levels to get Stronger and better. Leveling up means you can get abilities.​
    • Once you hit level 5 you can do /infect where you can have a chance of infecting that player while fighting them.
    • Once you hit level 10 your armor will not drop in a full moon it'll be moved in your free slots in your inventory.
    • Once you hit level 20 you can do /track where the werewolf sniffs the other player by right clicking there'll be a a trail what will lead to the player you're tracking.
    • Once you hit level 35 you can do /transform you can now control your shifts/transformation in daylight now but the cooldown for shifting/transformation is 10 minutes.
    • Once you hit level 60 you're immune to golds sword for lower werewolves gold swords deal x2 damage.

    Witherfangs are based on Speed and determination. The only way to become a Witherfang is by getting infected from a werewolf infection potion or get bitten by a Witherfang werewolf.

    Silvermanes are based on Regeneration and keep order. The only way to become a Silvermane is by getting bitten from a wild wolf or you can get bitten by a Silvermane werewolf.

    Bloodmoon are based on Strength and war. The only way to become a Bloodmoon is by getting bitten by another Bloodmoon werewolf.

    Every werewolf pack has a Alpha. A Alpha is chosen by a higher level of the pack. Once a Alpha is chosen in the pack the only way to take Alpha from the pack is by killing your own Alpha. Alphas deal x2 damage and have x2 defense.

    Werewolf Potions.png

    There are 3 different type of potions

    Werewolf Infection Potion
    You can only get the werewolf Infection Potion by a Legendary Crate or the LividaGodChests.

    Werewolf Cure Potion

    You can only get WolfsBane Potion in the Legendary Crate or by the LividaGodChests.

    Werewolf Silver Sword.png
    You can only get the Silver Sword by buying it from Token shop or from the Legendary Crates or from the LividaGodChests.

    Werewolf tracker.png
    Werewolf trackers can track werewolves in a pvp enabled place but they have to be in their werewolf form.

    Werewolf washed armor.png
    This is the first bit of Purifying your armor where there's a chance werewolves can't infect you. You can do this to all diamond armor.

    Werewolf Purified Armor.png
    This is the last part of your Purified armor when you have the full Purified armor on you'll never get infected by a pesky werewolf but there's a high chance of your Purified armor turning to Ashes.​
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